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Empowering Divas: Celebrating Womanhood with IDIA in Austin

Celebrating Womanhood

Round Rock Tx, March 16th ~ In commemoration of International Women’s Day, members of IDIA (Inspiring Divas in Austin), a dynamic women’s organization dedicated to fostering self-sufficiency among women, came together on March 16th for a joyous celebration of womanhood.

Themed 'Wear Your Story,' the event encouraged participants to proudly share their unique narratives. Against the backdrop of a rainy day, attendees indulged in homemade snacks and warm tea, fostering a cozy atmosphere punctuated by engaging games and heartfelt conversations.

Amidst the lively ambiance, attendees forged cultural connections, delving into their individual and collective essences. From poignant poetry readings to shared reflections on personal journeys, women embraced their past, present, and future with confidence and pride. Reflecting on the essence of self-empowerment, Pallavi Shrivastava, a mother of two, emphasized the importance of self-reliance and inner confidence. “ Women can’t have both the ways : getting special treatment and screaming for equality at the same time. If you believe that you are empowered/ confident in yourself then stop expecting from the world or men to treat you specifically by offering flowers n cards OR don’t cry for equality.” Shrivastava continued to emphasize the need to uplift and empower ourselves as women.

Celebrating Womanhood

The palpable positivity reverberated through smiles and laughter, embodying the inner contentment and resilience of this vibrant community of women. Founder Sneha Kashyap Thakur reiterated IDIA’s core principles of Engagement, Education, Empowerment, Elevation, and Endorsement , emphasizing the organization's commitment to fostering a supportive community where diversity is celebrated and collective empowerment thrives." “We want to create a safe space for women, a supportive community where diversity is celebrated, dreams are nurtured, and collective empowerment is the driving force. It's a WOMEN FOR WOMEN platform where we not only claim but heartly believe that ‘we are because you are’ “, added Thakur.

Sheela Sharon, representing Zions Real Estate and an event sponsor, praised IDIA for its unwavering support of women and its dedication to creating opportunities for both growth and enjoyment. “What I love about this organization is that it not only is woman only platform that supports other women, it also creates opportunities for women to have fun”. Other sponsors, including Rose Makeup Artistry, Yogafun Get on the Mat, and SKYoga Therapy, contributed to the success of the event.

Highlighting individual achievements, Shalini Sahu, the winner of the 26-Day Self-Love Challenge, was celebrated for her commitment to self-care and personal growth. This event as part of many held throughout the year added to IDIA's ongoing mission to empower and uplift women.

As the festivities concluded, attendees departed with renewed inspiration and strengthened connections, embodying the spirit of empowerment and camaraderie that defines IDIA’s mission.


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