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Enchanting Evening of Carnatic Music: Vidushi Pantula Rama Mesmerizes Austin Audience with Soulful Ragas

Carnatic music by Pantula Rama

Feb 17th, 2024, Austin : Austin audiences were enchanted by the soul-stirring performance of Vidushi Pantula Rama, a renowned exponent of Carnatic music. Widely acclaimed as "The Golden Voice," Pantula Rama's vocal range spans more than three octaves, leaving a mesmerizing impact, particularly in the lower octave. Revered as the "Nightingale of Andhra Pradesh" and the "melody queen," her international acclaim stems from performances on prestigious global stages, earning her a dedicated fan base enamored by the magic and classicism of her music.

Accompanied by the skilled Vidwan MSN Murthy on the violin and Vidwan Patri Sathishkumar on the mridangam, Pantula Rama's concert in Austin was part of a tour across major cities in the US. The event was hosted by India Fine Arts (ifa), an organization committed to promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of the performing arts of the Indian subcontinent in Texas. ifa aims to provide cultural insight to second-generation Indian children and offer entertainment for the local community.


Approximately 150 patrons attended the concert, relishing the melodic and soulful ragas presented by Vidushi Pantula Rama. The evening began with the enchanting "Sakala Graha," a composition by Purandar Dasa, where she skillfully explored and showcased all the swaras of the Athana raga. This was followed by "Sabhapatika," a composition by Gopalkrishna Bharathi, setting a serene and meditative mood as Rama praised Lord Shiva, addressing Him as "the Lord of the Assembly."


The concert unfolded with multiple beautiful and devotional compositions, including "Vidajaladura," "Sankari Sam Kuru," and "Rara Sridhara Muralidhara," each piece characterized by lyrical beauty and emotive appeal, singing praises to various Gods and Goddesses.


Pantula Rama continued to weave her melodic charm and devotional content with her Ragam Tanam Pallavi in the raga Behag. Captivating the audience, she further explored ragas such as "Tamburi Meetidava," praising Lord Krishna, concluding the evening with the lively "Khamas Tillana."


The concert, a testament to Pantula Rama's virtuosity and the rich cultural offerings by India Fine Arts, provided a delightful and immersive experience for the diverse audience in Austin. Additional pictures of the concert can be found on our facebook page


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