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Nrityachitra A Dance Extravaganza presented by Chidambharam Nritya Kala Academy

September 29th, 2018 , By Priya Janardhana - It was indeed a joyful day on September 8, 2018 for the Bharatanatyam students of Chidambharam Nritya Kala Academy as they eagerly anticipated to showcase their talent on stage to their teacher Smt. Neha Parikh Sharma, family and friends. The eminent Chidambharam Nritya Kala Academy under the guidance of Artistic Director Smt. Neha Parikh Sharma conducted its Annual Day recital - Nrityachitra, accompanied by live musicians touring the US from India on September 8th, 2018 at the Nashua High School North Auditorium in Nashua, NH.

I was fortunate to attend this gala event of the dance school and witness this dance extravaganza All of the hard work by the teacher, students and their families, musicians, volunteers, and technicians that was behind this entertaining event worked as a single unit to make this event a grand success. The inclusion of a LIVE ORCHESTRA elevated the performances for not only the students, but the audience as well.

Smt. Neha Parikh Sharma opened the event with a warm welcome address. The evening’s program was opened by a Ganesha invocatory piece sung by vocalist Shri Gomathi Nayagam Ratnam, accompanied by Shri Sakthivel Muruganantham on mridangam, Shri Sigamani on violin, and Shri Sankarpillai Sunilkumar on flute. Students continued to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha with performances of Ganesha Kautvam and Ekadantaya Vakratundaya, from the popular Shankar Mahadevan song. Even the budding young students, learning Bharatanatyam for only a few months, presented their pieces, Mooshika Vahana and Aangikam Bhuvanam, with pride and devotion.

The next few presentations included Mukunda Mukunda with a lovely interlude depicting the adorable childhood antics of Lord Krishna.

Chidambaram Natesha Kautvam was performed elegantly by one of the more senior groups, blending nritta footwork with majestic Shiva poses.



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