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Colorful Festivities Paint a Joyous Picture at Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and Sri Venkatesh Temple

Colorful Festivities Paint a Joyous Picture at Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and Sri Venkatesh Temple

Welcome to community news with Gauri. This segment focusses exclusively on Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of Austin and Sri Venkatesh Temple of Austin’s recently hosted joyous Holi celebration. Community members came together in the true spirit of togetherness, dancing to the beats of popular Bollywood music while adorning each other in a kaleidoscope of bright and vibrant colors. It was a sight to behold as laughter filled the air and hearts overflowed with joy! But that's not all - the festivities were packed with an array of activities that left everyone spellbound. From indulging in a grand Food mela, gathering around the Holi Bonfire, and experiencing captivating cultural performances to enjoying a thrilling kids carnival, getting creative with face painting, and witnessing an electrifying flash mob, there was never a dull moment! The cultural program included performances by students of various local dance schools. The highlight was a dance drama depicting Sita’s upharan and Ram’s victory over Ravana. The DJ kept the energy levels soaring high throughout the day, ensuring that everyone was on their feet and grooving to the beats. And of course, no Holi celebration would be complete without the exhilarating experience of playing with dry colors! Adding to the excitement, vendors set up tables showcasing their products, offering attendees a chance to explore and indulge in some shopping amidst all the festivities. From traditional handicrafts to delectable treats, there was something for everyone! The event was graced by dignitaries from the city of Cedar Park, including the Mayor of Cedar Park and other members of city council, who expressed their joy in celebrating the festival of Holi. Overall, it was a day filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories. The Temple president expressed gratefulness to everyone who joined in celebrating this beautiful festival of colors, and specially thanked the volunteers as the ‘big pillars’ for their support and time. here are some snapshots of the event. Remember to follow us on facebook and subscribe to The foundations Tv’s youtube channel for more exciting coverage of the local happenings in Austin.

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